Indesign Media Asia Pacific Founder & CEO.
Raj Nandan

Rajesh Nandan is the Founder, Publisher and Chief Executive Officer of the design industry’s premier regional media house, Indesign Media Asia Pacific. After acquiring his first magazine at the age of 22 in 1993, Raj continued to launch a suite of magazine titles throughout the 90s which would become the foundation for his boutique publishing house in 2000 under the flagship title, Indesign. In 2010, the company moved further throughout Asia with digital and print titles in Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong – including welcoming India to the fold in the very near future. The root of his success lies in Raj being a very early proponent of the potential for digital platforms to support our region’s creative talent.

Having enjoyed an extensive media reach throughout more than 41 countries in the region over the past 16 years, Indesign Media has also built significant partnerships with the architecture, design and media communities of Europe and the United States. With this truly global presence, Indesign Media works in collaboration with such initiatives as the Clerkenwell Design Week, the Authentic Design Alliance, NAWIC, Red Dot Design, The British Council, Good Design Australia and Architonic, among others. As a result of such international architecture and design media preeminence, Raj founded the design program Launch Pad to further bolster the region’s young designers to achieve commercial realisation.

With print and digital assets under the brands of Indesign, Habitus, Cubes, Lookbox, Architecture & Design, and DQ, the international design world collaborates with Indesign Media through experiential events throughout the region – inspiring the design communities in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Singapore, Hong Kong in previous years and Indonesia in the years ahead.

Raj has since lent is curatorial eye for several boards and juries including the RedDot Design Awards Judging Panel, the Strategic Advisory Board of the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers, the Advisory Board for Emergency Architects Australia, and is also an Ambassador for Unlimited: Designing for the Asia Pacific, an Official Judge for the International Design Awards Los Angeles, and for the Good Design Awards Australia.

After recently launching the INDE.Awards – the Asia Pacific region’s largest and most powerful interior design and architecture awards – to continue Indesign Media's commitment to unflagging industry stewardship, this year Raj Nandan and Indesign Media embark upon tackling new challenges presented by the changing nature of the region's design, architecture, engineering and property sectors. This year, Indesign Media brings Asia Pacific a new event, FRONT, that finally unites all stakeholders in the AECO supply chain, bringing to a crowning point over two decades of building a more co-operative, more intelligent and ultimately stronger outlook for our region's creative talent on the global stage.

Indesign Media, eighteen years on.

Indesign Media Asia Pacific has an international presence and a global outlook, with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Singapore and Jakarta, distributing our print publications worldwide.

Sydney-based locals with a global content and hosting capability, Indesign Media is a diversified content and media group with a confident and trusted voice reaching across Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Jakarta.

Founded in 2000 by its present CEO, Raj Nandan, the various print, digital and event platforms are positioned to: create, produce, host and communicate inspiration and information for the world’s design professionals and industry aficionados. The timeline pinpoints the significant corporate milestones.


Launched Indesign Magazine

Launched BrushOut Magazine for Wattyl Paints


Launched Scene Design Quarterly


Launched Milan Indesign Network Event

Launched Boiling Point Magazine for Zip

Launched Saturday Indesign Sydney


Launched Saturday Indesign Melbourne

Launched Indesign Luminary Series

Launched LaunchPad Young Designer Mentoring


Relaunched Indesign Magazine

Launched Communication Indesign Contract Media arm



Relaunched Intensify Magazine for Clipsal


Launched The Collection


Launched Habitus Magazine

Launched Careers Indesign

Launched Brisbane Indesign

Launched The Project Initiative

CEO appointed Advisory Council for Emergency Architects Australia



Indesign wins Folia Awards New York best B2B relaunch

CEO appointed international Jury for Australian International Design Awards

CEO appointed ambassador for Rado Watches

Commenced publishing Cult Magazine


Launched Singapore & Hong Kong

Launched Indesign In Discussion Series

CEO appointed to Strategic Advisory Board, International Federation of Interior Design and Architects


Launched Singapore Indesign

Launched Habitus Conversation Series

Launched Cersaie Indesign Networking Event

CEO appointed to Good Design Council Australia


Acquired Concept Asia Media

Relaunched Cubes Indesign Magazine


CEO appointed International Jury for Red Dot Design Awards Singapore & Germany


Launched Indesign Magazine Indonesia

Launched Hong Kong

Launched Indesign the Event.

Launched Binder app, won App Of The Year


Relaunched Lookbox Magazine


Launched Indonesia

Launched LaunchPad Asia Young Designer Mentoring

Launched Careers Indesign Asia


Launched Contemporary


Redesigned Cubes



Relaunched Infolink

Relaunched Sustainability Awards

Launched Contemporary Wine In Design

Redesigned Indesign Magazine &


Launched INDE. Awards

Launched Look Box Design Awards

Launched C-Gen

Redesigned Habitus Living


Launched FRONT

Relaunched The Collection Online